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  • Lawn Watering Tips - When Is the Best Time to Water Your Lawn?
    Water is an essential part of a happy, healthy lawn. It’s important, though, to make sure you water it properly. If you run a sprinkler at night, for example, it sets up the perfect conditions for disease to take hold. If you water too lightly, the grass roots will not grow deeply enough, setting your lawn up for trouble when hot weather hits.
  • Seven Lawn Care Tips
    A lush, well-maintained lawn is the perfect green foil for colourful herbaceous borders, a great setting for summer picnics and even a foraging ground for birds and other wildlife. We show you how to keep your lawn looking its best all year round.
  • Grass & Lawn Care for Beginners
    Maybe you just bought your first house with a yard.Or maybe you’ve been a “mow it and forget it” kindof person for years. Many people have no idea whereto start, or even what their lawn needs to thrive.Check out our tips for lawn care for beginners togrow a soft, green yard to enjoy all year long!
  • Five Big Lawn Care Mistakes Most People Make
    Lots of folks don't know what the heck they're doingwith their lawn. Don't be one of them.Lawn care can be ridiculously easy—if you knowwhat you're doing. Otherwise, you're just asking fora blunderfest.
  • Identify Your Grass
    Although the grass may be greener on your side of thefence, turfgrasses are not all alike. Is why some yards arebrown in winter and some are green. One of the bestexamples of different grass types can be found on a golfcourse or playing field. Look closely and you’ll notice thatthe turf in some areas is markedly different in color andtexture than other areas.